Chemtrails: A deadly fact

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Danger, chemical exposure!, harmless or hazardous?

You have all probably noticed how the sky is often covered by long widespread clouds that comes out of the back of aircrafts, called contrails. But have you heard about chemtrails?

For years now the military has sprayed the skies with chemicals, visible traces of polymers and other harmful particles, which eventually drops to the ground, you know, the place where we live. The effects of this so far has been people with average or below average immunity are experiencing pneumonia-like respiratory symptoms.

So why the hockey would they do this? I can’t really be sure but some say it’s an attempt to lower the population since apparently we are too many on this earth. That reminds me reading somewhere that if we’re all standing shoulder to shoulder, we would only cover space the size of L.A, California, but that’s nor here or there.

Another theory why they are spraying these chemicals is a kind of mind control. In other words, to put people in a state of mind where they can’t relax or think rational. Nothing i would know anything about since i can’t think straight with all this GOD DAMN CHEMICALS IN THE AIR.

So how do we protect ourselves from these chemtrials, should we all walk around in hazard suits? Or go live under-sea?

That’s the best ideas i got so far so if you’ve got a better one let me know! And if you want to know more whats being done in the shadows you should check out these videos below.


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