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You have all heard about Darwin’s theory of evolution and how the world as we know it was created randomly, but there is one thing you probably haven’t heard of. That’s why I’m here, to educate and enlighten you on the things you’re not told by authority’s. This time I’m planning to shed a little light on the possibility that we were all planned, that we might not just be a tug on the slot machine of the universe.

Intelligent design (ID) is the notion that life is way too complex to have been created and developed entirely by random variations and natural selection as neo-Darwinism will have us believe. That means in more simple words that our existence was planned and designed by something or someone much bigger than us.

Just as an example, as I will dig a little deeper into this later on, some bacteria actually has an “engine” for swimming. It’s called “The bacteria flagellum” and works pretty much as an outboard motor.

check this video out to learn more about how the motor works!

I mean when you see a house or a car, you can tell from just looking at it that it is not a creation of nature or the universe. It’s something created by a man or some other intelligent life form. what’s to say that our planet is any different? I’m not saying that we were created by the guy upstairs in a week, I’m just saying that it’s all too complex to have been an accident.

As I said I will dig deeper into this since there is so much more to know so keep your pants on ’til next time.