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HAARP, which stands for “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is a top-secret government project in the U.S that was started up in 1993 by the military. It is said to be the most dangerous weapon the world has ever seen. It is a field of 360 antennas on the ground in Alaska working as one giant antenna. Each antenna is generating 10,000 watts and all 360 working as a unit can generate 3.6 million watts. The largest legal AM radio station in the U.S generates 50,000 watts, so that’s quite a lot of power.

When HAARP is in use, it sends up radio waves to the ionosphere (part of the upper atmosphere) and heats it up. It creates iregularities that allow the ionosphere to bounce radio signals back to earth.

The things this weapon can do will blow your mind…..litteraly. It can destroy incoming missiles and aircrafts, manipulate nature, locate underground enemy locations and when it’s pointed at the ground it can set off earthquakes and tsunamis. It can also start hurricanes by moving clouds.

I mean, this thing could destroy the whole world and it strangely enough gets me thinking about 2012….

But the thing that gets me freaked about this project is its abilities to generate extra low radio frequencies that can drill deep into the earth and communicate with submarines deep down in the ocean. Now, the scary part about that is that our brain works at the exact same frequency. Our brain waves are in part the same as radio waves and can be influenced by external signals, scary right?


Here’s a video you may wanna check out!